1. Dammit Wesley is redefining what “affordable art” is by well…defining it.

    Artist, DJ, durag enthusiast, agitator. No matter how you may have been introduced to Dammit Wesley, chances are, you soon came to recognize him as...
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  2. Zeshawn Luc is the Hometown Hero Who Uses Movement and Icons To Capture Overcoming

    Luc doesn’t avoid the violence, instead, he allows his work to pierce the political framework of what’s socially acceptable. When unmitigated viol...
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  3. Graphic designer Jesiah Atkinson, 24, unifies practice and perseverance with pop art

    Her works show that people don’t need a college education to be successful in their field. Atkinson’s creative advertisements on Instagram and Twit...
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  4. Introducing: Aliyah Bonnette


    Aliyah Bonnette is an emerging textile artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina who is quickly gaining a reputation for her striking quilts that dep...
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  5. Introducing: Stéphane Gaboué for Good Black Art

    “That’s My People” for Models.com

    Photographer: Stéphane Gaboué

    Styled by: Edem Dossou

    Fashion Assistants: Chris Boua and Kenny Germé

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  6. 1-54 Takes New York

    David Uzochukwu, Stake Out (2019). David Uzochukwu courtesy of Galerie Number 8
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