1. Will Maxen Wants To Find Ground To Stand On In His Work


    Cover Image: Will Maxen by Jordan Benton part of "Labor Day Heat" series Houston-based painter Will Maxen wants to bridge cultures and communities...
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  2. Between Art and Academia These Artists Are The Role Models Their Younger Selves Needed


    From the moment art and academia engross a person, guidance becomes significant because, like academics, an artist’s path is often shaped by their ...
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  3. Anthony Peyton Young’s Works: A Result of Social Media, Black Lives Matter, and Personal Experiences

    Imagine knowing and understanding that your mere existence and your ancestral imprints are both a blessing and a curse – a service of inspiration f...
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  4. The Cathartic Vessel of Public Art: Allison Glenn’s Framework for Counterpublic 2023

    Becoming one of the largest public art projects in the country, Counterpublic will feature over 30 newly commissioned installations by leading and ...
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  5. Dammit Wesley is redefining what “affordable art” is by well…defining it.

    Artist, DJ, durag enthusiast, agitator. No matter how you may have been introduced to Dammit Wesley, chances are, you soon came to recognize him as...
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  6. Zeshawn Luc is the Hometown Hero Who Uses Movement and Icons To Capture Overcoming

    Luc doesn’t avoid the violence, instead, he allows his work to pierce the political framework of what’s socially acceptable. When unmitigated viol...
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