For the month of February, it's only fitting that two creative Black businesses come together to celebrate the contributions made through Black artistry. Good Black Art and TRNK NYC present MOLDED: Ambrose Rhapsody Murray, Hamzat Raheem, Maya Beverly, and Yves Craft make up our crew of emerging artists who all have something in common; the ability to communicate who they are through their use of unique materials. By using culturally significant mediums that connect art and design, these artists shed light on the craft techniques practiced by Black people since, well, forever. From ceramics and assemblage to painting directly onto textiles, they create works that abandon definitions set by the art market and embrace the traditions set by our people.  

Mommymi, Abraham and Michael, Hamzat Raheem

Aegean Watchtower by Maya Bevlery and Abel by Yves Craft

   I got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs , Ambrose Rhapsody Murray

  God is in his heaven , Yves Craft

 o eros , will endure and o jove , Yves Craft

Jointly and Tall Blue , Maya Bevlery

 Pink Chalice and Little Port, Maya Bevlery

 Artificial Black Face, Hamzat Raheem