PJ Harper

“My work relates to afro-futurism in the context of depicting figures from the African diaspora reclaiming parts of history, religion and mythology through a Black perspective.”  

PJ Harper is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, predominantly working in the medium of sculpture. Having studied Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art he continues to build upon an extensive body of work made from polymer clay, detailing intricate renderings of the human body.

Harper’s fascination with texture and the human form has culminated in a range of sculptures from busts to fuller figures, canvas paintings, photography and digital illustrations. Born to a mother of Black Caribbean heritage and a Scottish father, Harper uses his art to celebrate the Black body in its entirety, inspired by his family and in particular his grandfather Paul Wynter who was Britain's second Black successful bodybuilder achieving Mr. Universe titles.

Harper integrates diverse content into his practice and aims to use his art as a way of sharing family experiences whilst posting his own dual heritage within the wider conversations around race and identity. His work has roots in the afro-futurist imagination as well as Classical Greek imagery.

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland