• On Darning, and The Beauty of Worn Clothes
  • On Darning, and The Beauty of Worn Clothes
  • On Darning, and The Beauty of Worn Clothes


On Darning, and The Beauty of Worn Clothes

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In "On Darning, and The Beauty of Worn Clothes," the canvas becomes a portal to a dreamscape where the surreal intertwines with the familiar. A dismembered figure, its expression serene and cheerful, finds itself in a state of fragmented wholeness. Yet, amidst this apparent disarray, there is a quiet elegance, a celebration of imperfection, and a tender homage to the passage of time.

Here, the shadow plays a pivotal role, its delicate fingers threading a needle with precision and care. It is the unseen hand that weaves together the disparate pieces, each stitch a testament to resilience and the art of repair. Through this act of darning, the fractured becomes whole again, imbued with a newfound strength born from vulnerability.

In this ethereal realm, the worn becomes sacred, and the act of mending transcends mere restoration. It is a meditation on the beauty found in the scars of existence, a reminder that even in brokenness, there lies a profound harmony waiting to be discovered. "On Darning, and The Beauty of Worn Clothes" invites us to embrace the flaws, to cherish the journey, and to find solace in the transformative power of repair.

Year: 2023
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 26 x 34 in

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