We highlight the uniqueness of the global Black experience with the right balance of mentorship, community and equitable commerce.

Who are we?

We are a space and platform that enhances Black artist visibility and collector support through mentorship.

How we curate

Our curation style is one of a kind and like Black culture itself, diverse. We scour the globe from big cities to small towns, looking for the most authentic stories of artistic expression. No matter what form the works take, we believe Black stories should never be limited to one narrative.

How we mentor artists

As artists begin their careers, we provide them with mentorship, an international platform, and access to the art industry and collectors. That way, our artists can showcase their narrative with maximum impact and access.

How we support collectors

Good Black Art is a genuine collector support network dedicated to breaking down the barriers to art collection. We sell original and unique artworks and help collectors navigate the complexities of the art industry.

How we build communities

We believe that we are only as strong as our neighbor. Therefore, with strong programming and partnerships, Good Black Art will provide engagement opportunities to help us better support one another.