How it all started and why.

Brand Story

Good Black Art was founded in 2021 by art collector and entrepreneur Phillip Collins, who aimed to solve his greatest challenge on his art journey: Where could he buy art that reflected his lived experience? Born with the intent to share accessible, contemporary Black art with a community of aspiring and emerging artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, Good Black Art has since grown to offer e-commerce, media, partnerships, and exhibitions.

Today, Good Black Art is a Black and LGBTQ+-owned, New York-based company and platform whose mission is to empower its community to explore, engage, and acquire and live with artwork from the next generation of Black artists. It’s a site for the discovery, preservation, and championing of Black artistry and history. 

We aim to empower—equipping artists with opportunities for professional mentorship and networking while incubating a new cohort of art buyers that falls beyond the traditional scope of the art ecosystem. Good Black Art is paving the way for everyone to live with art.