Phillip Michael Collins, Founder

Phillip Collins is a Black and queer art collector, marketer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Good Black Art. Born in Tennessee and based in New York, Phillip has built a successful career bringing legacy industries, brands and products to new markets, working in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Today, Phillip has set his sights on the world of contemporary art—turning to art as an avenue through which he can uplift nuanced portrayals of Black life, and in turn, preserve Black histories. Through Good Black Art, Phillip is creating new avenues to generational wealth.

Since 2017, Phillip has been an avid collector, amassing a collection that features artwork from over 150 emerging Black artists from around the globe. Drawing on his nearly 20 years of experience as an international marketer leading lifestyle, entertainment, and art and design campaigns for brands such as American Express, UBS, Ford, GE, and Disney, Phillip presents the most promising emerging artists to the commercial art world through his work at Good Black Art. Phillip is a 2023 ADCOLOR Leader, and is a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts Advisory Council, CulturalDC Torrents Advisory Board and serves as a Pratt>Forward mentor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Elon University in International Marketing and a minor in African-American Studies.