Phillip Michael Collins, Founder

“Good Black Art is about mentorship, community and equitable commerce. Our special sauce is the curation of unique Black narratives which are rooted in the diversity, beauty and resilience of Black people around the globe.”

Born and raised in Tennessee, studied in Brazil, worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for nearly 10 years, and now based in New York City, Phillip Michael Collins is a passionate collector, marketer and art entrepreneur with a unique background and perspective to match.

Alongside his partner, Phillip's collection highlights Black nuanced experiences, emotions and environments. His personal collection, which inspired Good Black Art, has over 150 works by emerging black artists, with works by Zéh Palito, Khari Turner, Clifford Prince King, Akilah Watts, Atanda Quadri Adebayo, Mario Joyce, Khari Ricks-Johnson, Anthony Peyton Young, Jarret Key, PJ Harper, Osinachi, Christian Mooney, Michael Soi and many other talented Black emerging artists.

Phillip has worked and lived in many countries. He specializes in brand strategy, PR, partnerships, talent management, experiential marketing and social media. Phillip has helped shape major global product, lifestyle, entertainment and art campaigns for brands that include American Express, Ford, GE, Disney and many other top tier multinationals.

With Good Black Art, Phillip is coupling his experience as a lifestyle marketer with his passion for art. Having interacted with clients and colleagues from around the globe, his style is rooted in his strategic thinking, and in fostering an environment that empowers, respects and uplifts people. His mission as an art entrepreneur in creating Good Black Art is to be a mentor to artists and collectors through sharing his learnings of collecting art and highlighting untold Black narratives from around the world.