• Brianna Luz Fernandez

    Artist Relations

    As an artist herself, Brianna Luz brings a well-rounded, integral perspective to the role of an arts professional. She grounds her curatorial work at the intersection of the individual and the collective, and more broadly seeks to serve as an expansion point for arts organizations that are at their core working towards or aiding in change.

    Living and working in NYC, Brianna serves as Head of Artist Relations at Good Black Art, Administrator of the African American Art Department at Swann Auction Galleries, and is pursuing an Arts Management Certificate at NYU SPS.

  • Samantha Fellers


    Samantha Fellers has spent her career working on the bridge of art, technology, and sales at leading companies including Artsy and Artlogic. She believes in the power of accessible technology and market resources in order to make the art world more equitable for artists, collectors, and galleries. 

    Samantha earned her B.A. in Art & Visual Culture from Bates College, where she worked as a Curatorial Assistant at the Bates College Museum of Art. During that time she held internships at the Morris Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and Sotheby’s in London. She spent three years volunteering at the Maine Correctional Center teaching male inmates studio art classes.

  • Danté Maurice

    New Media Fellow

    Danté Maurice a multi-disciplinary artist creating visual and audio works primarily employing oratorical voice recordings, digital video, and 35mm film. 

    Danté's work centers around the human experience, mental health, and the influence of American Black culture on both the Black community and wider society. He produces immersive sensory experiences by blending visceral oratory pieces with collages of still and moving images. His most recent exhibitions, "Dear Black Man", previously held at the Newark Art Museum, and “My Way Out” also exhibited by Newark Arts explored the intersection of mental health and masculinity, challenging audiences to introspect and engage with the world around them.