• To Devour Your Worries
  • To Devour Your Worries
  • To Devour Your Worries

Anthony Peyton Young

To Devour Your Worries

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The ceramic jugs inspired by Grotesque jars that are a vessel utilized for healing, memorialization, and spiritual cleansing. These jugs were created by enslaved people, and later created by free African Americans in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. I draw inspiration from Grotesque jars and especially their uses as grave markers of enslaved ancestors who passed on, drinking vessels, and spiritual objects that were believed to ward off evil spirits. While the jars were traditionally thought to be self-portraits, my jars represent both myself and other individuals in my life such as my mother and close friends who provide me refuge and the space to be my full self. The star shapes that I use as embellishment to cover some of the jars reference the Black spiritual song “ My Lord What a Morning-When the Stars Begin to Fall” where the idea of falling stars is connected to the Kongolese belief that falling stars are "spirits flashing across the sky.” I use these jars as connectors of the physical realm to the spiritual realm.

Year: 2023
Medium: ceramic with gold luster
Dimensions: 4in L X 8in H x 4in W

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