Stéphane Gaboué

"I love the fact that photography is an endless adventure. There are always new people to discover and new stories to tell."

Born and raised in the Ivory Coast, Stéphane Gaboué is a Paris-based fashion photographer. He's also a fashion writer, translator, casting director, stylist and lecturer.

After studying photography at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts in Paris from 2013 to 2016, he started photographing models he discovered. His work has since been published in numerous international magazines including GQ, Boy Brother Friend, Fuckingyoung, Hunter Magazine, Highsnobiety, and His editorials are mostly cartes blanches given by the magazines, in which he explores the beauty of the people that he scouts whether they are from his home continent, Paris or anywhere else in between.

After months of selecting images that had been shot by Stéphane over several years, founder Phillip Collins curated 6 distinct images that highlight various conversations about Black masculinity through the lens of fashion, beauty, and male bonding.

Hometown: Paris, France