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Stéphane Gaboué

Preen l

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Publication: Modzik, 2019

Model: Bryan

The background: The story was shot for the French magazine Modzik, in celebration of Chanel's first makeup line for men. Stéphane had the simple idea of photographing men preening (preen is one of his favorite words in English), and cast models that wouldn't normally be associated with the idea of wearing makeup. Bryan's brooding face symbolizes the modern man.

The contrast between the price of the outfits and their mundane home activities intrigued Edem and Stéphane. The rest is history.

Year: 2019
Medium: Hahnemuhle Rag Bright White 310 G (1/1 signed)
Dimensions: 24 x 36 cm / 9.4 x 14.17 in

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