Yomi Orimoloye

“My works are mostly abstract figurative with a sensual nature of art that aim to depict the complications and joys of living and growing in an old world that feels new."

"Today, I work with a variety of media including drawing, acrylic and oil painting, digital and mixed media. Inspired by avant-garde art movements, I employ the use of simple geometric patterns and shapes, bright and vibrant complementary colors, and bold compositions to create figurative pieces that discuss and explore human complexities and nuances. In my practice, I am particularly interested in the use of abstraction on the human form to create anonymity and Multiplicity. I am deeply fascinated by topics of individuality and stories of people who, like me, find themselves outside the confines of societal, cultural and/or religious expectations. My work traverses my mind as I seek to establish a relationship between myself, other selves, and the world around me.”

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada