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  • Calm Before Storm


Calm Before Storm

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When I think of coffee or using espresso in my works, I think of routine, of repetition. Of preparing for the beginning of something, while also relating it to trauma and tradition. In creating this piece along with my other coffee infused pieces, I found it integral in completing them that I studied my grandmother's daily routine in preparing her Cafe Bustelo as she has for years. Though my previous experiences with coffee had never been in my opinion favorable, this dichotomy of her practicing these daily rituals almost as a means of centering herself and recalling nostalgic moments, was something I found myself wanting to translate into "Calm Before Storm". A moment of centering and of finding a place to just sit with yourself before entering into the daily chaos that are our everyday lives.

Year: 2021
Medium: Espresso, Cinnamon and Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 40x40 in

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