• Lock My Body, Trap My Mind

Jesse Freeman

Lock My Body, Trap My Mind

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“Lock My Body, Trap My Mind” is a piece Jesse made for his last solo show, “I Am I Be.” The shows theme was about identity and breaking out of the layers of preconceived boxes placed upon an African Americans. The title comes from a Jay-Z lyric, “Lock my body, can’t trap my mind/easily explain why we adapt to crime/ I rather live enormous than die dormant/ that’s how we on it.” Meaning you can physically shackle me but my mind will always remain free and we should take all I can get out of it. Physical strain is represented by the boxer and the disfigured face, yet no one can trap his mind.

Year: 2023
Medium: glue and paper on paper
Dimensions: 9.5 x13.9 in

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